Our Approach
We’re improving AAPI representation in mainstream media to combat stereotypes and elevate our stories.
Our vision is to support, uplift, and develop future AAPI creatives and executives to elevate authentic reporting and stories that combat harmful stereotypes and celebrate authentic AAPI narratives.
We do this by:
Increasing AAPI decision-makers and creatives in journalism, media, and entertainment.
Developing and growing mentorship and pipeline programs with media organizations to support emerging AAPI creatives and professionals.
Supporting and amplifying narrative shifting stories and projects about AAPIs that promote authentic stories with an educational purpose.
Our partners leading the way in Narrative Change
Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)
Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)
Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)
Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)
Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)
Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)
Rideback Ranch
Rideback Ranch
Rideback Ranch

“This is a proud moment for AAPIs everywhere, particularly Korean Americans, as Ji-Young and the See Us Coming Together special demonstrate that Asian Americans are part of the very fabric of American society and culture. At TAAF, we are striving to help create a permanent and irrevocable sense of belonging for AAPIs in this country, and supporting Sesame Workshop’s introduction of the first-ever Asian American Sesame Street Muppet brings us one step closer toward making that vision a reality.” 

Board Member, The Asian American Foundation

"CAPE has long championed the critical importance of creative executives - the greenlighters and story shepherds - in the narrative change movement. With TAAF's support, we're excited to double down on this crucial segment of the entertainment industry by surveying the barriers to career advancement and sustainability and by building bridges for collective success."

Michelle K.
Sugihara, Esq.
Executive Director, CAPE

"For over 43 years, CAAM's work has been premised on the belief that “representation matters,” and that unless we tell our own stories, they will be told for us. TAAF’s recognition of our work, along with generous funding to support our core work in talent development, production, and exhibition, is greatly appreciated. We will continue to create and champion stories that reflect the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences."

Executive DIrector, CAAM

“As an American-born company founded by Chinese immigrants, we recognize the value of corporate engagement in philanthropic activities to make strategic investments in our communities. We are particularly passionate about fostering greater cultural understanding and appreciation through the power of storytelling of AAPI communities through education and the arts. We are proud to support TAAF’s program with the Sundance Institute, as it drives necessary resources toward strengthening and empowering AAPI artists to share their distinct voices and further diversify the American entertainment industry.”

Chief Brand Officer, Panda Express
For too long, AAPIs have remained supporting acts in media.
40% | 90%
Films exclude AAPIs
In a study of 1,300 films from 2017-2019, 40% and 90% of them excluded Asian American and Pacific Islander characters respectively.

Source: USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative
1 out of 4
News stations
In the top 20 designated media markets, 1 in 4 stations didn't have AAPI news anchors on air.

Source: AAJA
AAPI studio executives
Within major entertainment studios, only 8.4% of top executives are AAPI.

Source: USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative
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