Our partners are driving unprecedented change.

We focus our support across three core areas: Corporate, Philanthropy, and Convenings.

Together, we unlock the power of foundations, corporations, and individuals to supercharge leadership pipelines, invest in nonprofits, and support AAPI businesses.
TAAF × Corporate
Better inclusion and advancement for Asian Americans at work starts here.
Every company has unique needs, goals, and perspectives on how to contribute meaningfully to the AAPI community and support their employees. As partners, we guide them throughout their giving journey and support them in the following ways.
In the workplace
We work with companies to support AAPI employees at every level: from entry levels to top executives. Whether it’s advising ERGs, guiding leadership training, or assisting with mentorship programs, we hope to help corporations improve AAPI diversity across the board by creating belonging and visibility at work.
In leadership
Asian Americans account for only 5% of promotions from SVP to the C-Suite. We help companies build a stronger pipeline for AAPI employees to grow into leadership. Through our network of AAPI leaders in a variety of fields, we can provide support and opportunities for professional development along every step of an AAPI employee's career path.
In the community
Beyond work, we invite corporate partners to directly engage community organizations they care about. Through TAAF’s AAPI Giving Challenge, we can collaborate with companies to develop their individual and diverse giving plans. Learn more here.
TAAF × Philanthropy
We’re reimagining the possibilities for AAPI philanthropy with foundations and individuals.
For every $100 awarded by foundations in the U.S., only 20 cents go towards AAPI communities. We are committed to working with foundations, philanthropists, and individuals to change the face of AAPI giving.
Building a new movement
We’re seeing a rise in prominent AAPI philanthropists and leaders who are eager to make a difference in their own communities for the first time. This is philanthropy for AAPIs by AAPIs. We actively welcome these new faces and help them contribute to causes they care about to drive long-term sustainable impact.
Nurturing the community
To change the philanthropic culture around AAPI giving, we’re creating and cultivating a community for donors, whether they’re institutional or individual. When we build community, we grow our impact.
Sharing our expertise
We bring our knowledge of the ecosystem of AAPI causes to guide donors in their efforts to support our community. By sharing best practices, goals, and the most pressing issues affecting our communities, we’re expanding the pool of resources to the causes that need them most.
TAAF × Convenings
We break down barriers when we break bread.
Change doesn’t happen without connection. We need opportunities and a stage to gather leaders across industries to discuss challenges for better solutions. TAAF’s convenings are where those moments of synergy live. They continue to be a critical strategy to bring the right people together at the right time to focus on what really matters for the AAPI community.
In-person events
Our high impact convenings unite leaders in philanthropy, corporations, nonprofits, media, and government to cultivate community, inspire action, and celebrate our achievements. In these moments, we chart a path forward—together.
Actionable discussions
When we bring a diverse community of leaders together, we create space and programming to encourage dialogue. It’s more than bringing people together. It’s what they do after with new connections, insights, and renewed purpose.
Thought leadership
We spark important discourse with trailblazing voices in media, policy, philanthropy, and corporations to learn from and teach each other. For the first time, leaders from all sectors hear from each other to align efforts, strategically invest resources, and develop solutions together.
Bank of America
Investing in Asian American communities

Bank of America invests in their Asian American community to advance thriving economies in the communities they serve.

In partnership with TAAF, Bank of America committed $3M in grants to provide critical support to underserved AAPI communities. This grant was redistributed to 13 organizations providing direct services, language access, and capacity building.

Bank of America's Asian Advisory Council is made up of senior leaders who work to improve advocacy and create opportunities for career advancement for colleagues of Asian descent across the bank. Their AAPI Employee Network Asian Leadership Network (ALN) hosts celebrations, panel discussions, and webinars to commemorate holidays and moments in AAPI culture.

Fostering inclusive work environments and supporting AAPI nonprofits

KKR is committed to supporting AAPI communities by fostering an inclusive work environment, supporting AAPI nonprofits, and sharing resources to benefit the community during COVID and beyond.

KKR in partnership with TAAF, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Kirkland & Ellis, hosted the second annual AAPI ERG Networking Reception to convene NYC-based business leaders for an evening of community building. The vision for the evening was to come together to leverage the power of Employee Resource Groups to build a robust corporate leadership network that can strengthen pipelines for AAPI employees across organizations.

In 2020, KKR and its employees established a $50 million relief effort to help communities most affected by the pandemic.

Supporting AAPI small businesses

As an AAPI Giving Challenge Partner, Mastercard is committed to supporting AAPIs by lifting up AAPI small businesses to advance sustainable change in historically marginalized communities.

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth is supporting TAAF's new Small Business Initiative focused on promoting AAPI entrepreneurship and business development to foster a more inclusive and equitable economy in NYC. The initiative is guided by our landmark landscape analysis of AAPI small businesses in NYC which highlights the key challenges and needs within the community.

Addressing systemic racism

In 2021, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation founded the Center for Racial Equity with a $100 million commitment over five years to address the systemic racism and accelerate change. Walmart joined the AAPI Giving Challenge as a founding partner to support projects that drive impact for the AAPI community.

Center for Racial Equity
McKinsey & Company
Investing in new AAPI leaders

McKinsey's award-winning Connected Leaders Academy is a key launching ground for many decision makers in corporate America. This program was created to address and close the gap in access to leadership programs that historically underrepresented leaders face. In 2021, McKinsey launched their Asian Leaders Academy to address the lack of AAPI representation in the highest tiers of American industry. To date, more than 15,000 + Asian Leaders have enrolled in the Asian Leaders Academy, with ~3,400 Leaders graduating so far. 30+ corporate partners from the AAPI Giving Challenge have participated in the program.

McKinsey Asian Leaders Academy
East West Bank
Investing in diverse organizations working towards advancing AAPI representation, advocacy, and justice.

As a Giving Challenge partner, East West Bank is investing in diverse organizations working towards advancing AAPI representation, advocacy, and justice.

As a bank founded to address financial discrimination against Chinese Americans, East West Bank has proven that investing in underserved communities is good for business. In 2021, it was ranked No.1 Performing Bank in its market category, and won Bank Director’s “Best Board'' title in 2022. East West Bank has a decades-long history of supporting non-profits devoted to diversity and anti-discrimination efforts. In 2022, East West Bank announced it would donate upwards of $6 million to nonprofits and initiatives supporting the AAPI movement for inclusion, equality, and justice. In joining the AAPI Giving Challenge, East West Bank took their work even further by supporting LAAUNCH, a non-profit devoted to tracking discrimination-related data to better inform policymaking.

JC Penney
Celebrating diverse voices through collaborative collections, and encouraging their shoppers to purchase and support AAPI-owned businesses

Nepalese-American fashion designer and activist Prabal Gurung collaborated with JCPenney to create iMPOWER, a collection catering to America's diverse working families and JCPenney's all-are-welcome strategy. This May they are launching their first AAPI Heritage Month collection under the Hope & Wonder label, themed "Stronger Together." The collection was designed by AAPIs in their creative coalition and they were also featured in the photoshoot.

Apparel Collaborations
Celebrating the Respect for Marriage Act with the South Asian LGBTQ+ community.

Shamina Singh, founder and president of Mastercard’s Center for Inclusive Growth and Maneesh Goyal, founder & partner at SONA & SONA Home, brought together 200+ Desi/South Asian and LGBTQ+ leaders and allies for a celebration of the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and to uplift LGBTQ+ role models in the South Asian community. The event benefited Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies, a charitable organization that provides a community for Desi/South Asian families with LGBTQ+ members. 

TAAF was a proud partner alongside Mastercard’s Center for Inclusive Growth, ADL, McKinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan. 

Mastercard LGBTQ+ Event
Procter & Gamble
Committed to elevating stories that embrace the AAPI experience

To address rising levels of bias against the AAPI community, P&G launched a film and integrated campaign designed to inspire conversation and action around correctly pronouncing AAPI names. As an AAPI Giving Challenge partner, P&G has continued to demonstrate leadership by supporting the launch of a Sesame Street special devoted to addressing anti-AAPI hate, and introducing their first-ever Asian-American character, Ji-Young.

In addition, P&G is supporting local and national organizations that focus on bystander prevention training, AAPI leadership development, supporting AAPI women and girls, and increasing diversity in media and newsrooms.

P&G released The Name, a short film produced by an all-Asian creative team about the importance of learning AAPI names. The film was part of a larger campaign that included actionable tools to create change far beyond AAPI Heritage Month.

"The Name"
Industry leaders and thinkers
Organizations represented
In-person events
Panels to discuss critical AAPI issues