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AAPI Giving Challenge

From the community, for the community.

Calling on organizations to invest in AAPI communities everywhere.
$1.1B in funding and
in-kind support

83% going directly to the community

Driven by 130 partners

Despite making up 7% of the US population, AAPI organizations receive less than .2% of philanthropic giving from foundations and less than 1% of Corporate giving.

When the wave of anti-AAPI hate and violence highlighted this glaring resource gap in 2021, our founding board sprang to action, launching the AAPI Giving Challenge, a multi-year campaign designed to unlock resources from foundations, corporations, and individuals to benefit the AAPI community.

The AAPI Giving Challenge is flexible and driven by our partners, so participants shape and manage their own contributions. Where requested, TAAF works alongside Giving Challenge partners to help them implement their commitments. Whether through direct grant-making to AAPI organizations, investing in diversity programs, supporting AAPI businesses, or providing in-kind services, our Giving Challenge partners are making a commitment to reverse the long-standing underinvestment in our communities.

To date, more than 130 partners, including 70 corporate partners, 13 foundations, and 50 individuals, have committed $1.1B in donations and in-kind support, 83% of which will be distributed directly to AAPI communities and causes over five years. Additionally, with the TAAF Board covering all of TAAF’s operating costs, 100% of all funds raised via this new strategy will go directly to programming and initiatives. To learn more about how to be part of this powerful movement, please contact partnerships@taaf.org.

A Snapshot of Giving
In 2021, our partners exceeded their year one commitments delivering over $590 million of impact including:
$140M+ went directly to 100+ AAPI and AAPI-affiliated nonprofits across the country

$420 million to AAPI businesses, with a large portion going to AAPI suppliers

$21 million to AAPI leadership development and DEI programs
See how our partners are driving change.
Fostering global inclusion with Starbucks' Partner Networks
Pioneering AAPI support through employee initiatives and philanthropy
Guiding TAAF's strategic growth and partnerships
Bank of America
Investing in Asian American communities
Fostering inclusive work environments and supporting AAPI nonprofits
Supporting AAPI small businesses
Addressing systemic racism
McKinsey & Company
Investing in new AAPI leaders
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any other questions, you can contact us at partnerships@taaf.org.