Narrative Change
AAPI Heritage Heroes 2022

Our AAPI Heritage Heroes special celebrates unsung AAPI organizers, activists, and community leaders in a dynamic program spotlighting their remarkable stories.

About the Program

Presented by an AAPI celebrity cast, directed by AAPI storytellers, and produced by an AAPI crew, TAAF AAPI Heritage Heroes is coming back to Hulu this May!

In 2022, TAAF’s inaugural AAPI Heritage Heroes special centered six heroes from our diverse community and shared the stories of their work, their world and their wish for the future of our people. In these six short films, each directed by inspiring AAPI auteurs, we dove into the world of the honoree, exploring not only their contributions, but the AAPI culture that made them.

Woven together by celebrity presenters, comedy musical performances, the TAAF AAPI Heritage Heroes special celebrated the ‘everyday extraordinary’ heroes in our lives. Heritage Heroes are people who illuminate the world. They power our communities and light the way forward. These are the people who face the darkness and just say, no.

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