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TAAF is dedicated to building safety, prosperity, and belonging for the 24 million AANHPIs across the country.
Through our core pillars of anti-hate, education, narrative change, and resources + representation, we're mobilizing against hate, cultivating belonging through education, and reclaiming our narratives.
TAAF Projects & Updates
TAAF innovates our own projects, identifying initiatives that do not exist, in order to strengthen the national movement for AAPI prosperity.
Unlocking Unprecedented Change
Guiding TAAF's strategic growth and partnerships

Bain & Company has been a key advisor to TAAF since its launch and has provided pro-bono, strategic consulting advice for TAAF’s pillar, partnerships, and corporate engagement strategies. Bain has also been instrumental to TAAF’s efforts to build bridges across different sectors and stakeholders in the AAPI community.

Pioneering AAPI support through employee initiatives and philanthropy

Amid rising incidents of hate and violence across the United States against AAPIs in 2020, employees at Zoom formed an employee resource group, Pacific Islanders and Asian Cultures Together (PACT), to vocalize their personal stories and bring their most authentic selves to work. In response, Zoom made a $5 million, 5-year commitment to support the AAPI community by joining the AAPI Giving Challenge.

Fostering global inclusion with Starbucks' Partner Networks

Starbucks’ Partner Networks brings together a global community to promote a culture of inclusion and impact. Through the Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants Program, the networks are able to support local organizations like AmPowering, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, and Hawai’i Health & Harm Reduction Center.

Fostering inclusive work environments and supporting AAPI nonprofits

KKR is committed to supporting AAPI communities by fostering an inclusive work environment, supporting AAPI nonprofits, and sharing resources to benefit the community during COVID and beyond.

Supporting AAPI small businesses

As an AAPI Giving Challenge Partner, Mastercard is committed to supporting AAPIs by lifting up AAPI small businesses to advance sustainable change in historically marginalized communities.

Bank of America
Investing in Asian American communities

Bank of America is committed to supporting AAPI communities through cultural heritage programs, community involvement, and creating opportunities for professional development.

JC Penney
Celebrating diverse voices through collaborative collections, and encouraging their shoppers to purchase and support AAPI-owned businesses

Nepalese-American fashion designer and activist Prabal Gurung collaborated with JCPenney to create iMPOWER, a collection catering to America's diverse working families and JCPenney's all-are-welcome strategy. This May they are launching their first AAPI Heritage Month collection under the Hope & Wonder label, themed "Stronger Together." The collection was designed by AAPIs in their creative coalition and they were also featured in the photoshoot.

Apparel Collaborations
Celebrating the Respect for Marriage Act with the South Asian LGBTQ+ community.

Shamina Singh, founder and president of Mastercard’s Center for Inclusive Growth and Maneesh Goyal, founder & partner at SONA & SONA Home, brought together 200+ Desi/South Asian and LGBTQ+ leaders and allies for a celebration of the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and to uplift LGBTQ+ role models in the South Asian community.

Mastercard LGBTQ+ Event
Procter & Gamble
Committed to elevating stories that embrace the AAPI experience

Procter & Gamble brings representative and equitable storytelling to embrace the AAPI experience and bring communities together. As part of their ongoing advocacy for equality and inclusion, they are taking meaningful action to elevate their partners, providing much needed support.

"The Name"
Addressing systemic racism

In 2021, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation founded the Center for Racial Equity with a $100 million commitment over five years to address the systemic racism and accelerate change. Walmart joined the AAPI Giving Challenge as a founding partner to support projects that drive impact for the AAPI community.

Center for Racial Equity
East West Bank
Investing in diverse organizations working towards advancing AAPI representation, advocacy, and justice.

As a Giving Challenge partner, East West Bank is investing in diverse organizations working towards advancing AAPI representation, advocacy, and justice. East West Bank has a decades-long history of supporting non-profits devoted to diversity and anti-discrimination efforts. In 2022, East West Bank announced it would donate upwards of $6 million to nonprofits and initiatives supporting the AAPI movement for inclusion, equality, and justice. In joining the AAPI Giving Challenge, East West Bank took their work even further by supporting LAAUNCH, a non-profit devoted to tracking discrimination-related data to better inform policymaking.

McKinsey & Company
Investing in new AAPI leaders

McKinsey's award-winning Connected Leaders Academy is a key launching ground for many decision makers in corporate America. In 2021, McKinsey launched their Asian Leaders Academy to address the lack of AAPI representation in the highest tiers of American industry. To date, more than 20,000 + Asian Leaders have enrolled in the Asian Leaders Academy, with ~3,400 Leaders graduating so far. 30+ corporate partners from the AAPI Giving Challenge have participated in the program.

McKinsey Asian Leaders Academy
Together We Build a groundbreaking movement.
Pledged to our five-year Portfolio Strategy
To support the AAPI nonprofit community, offering multi-year and one year grants to over 50+ partners across the country in 2023.
Distributed in grants and sponsorships
And pledged almost $65M in the next 5 years with our partners.
Went directly to AAPI organizations
Through AAPI Giving Challenge partners in 2021-2022.
Of the AAPI population covered
By TAAF Anti-Hate National Network in 9 cities.
AAPI leaders, philanthropists, cultural influencers, and changemakers
Were convened from every sector.
Community Organizations
Directly supported by Giving Challenge partners.
Nonprofits listed
In TAAF’s award-winning AAPI Nonprofit Database.
Leading AAPI nonprofits joined TAAF’s Anti-Hate National Network
To share best practices during bimonthly convenings.
Illinois students taught Asian American history
Through the TEAACH Collaborative.
Attendees visited the first AAPI House
At the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.
In impact delivered to AAPI Giving Challenge partners
Given directly to AAPI communities and causes through direct grants, pro-bono services, leadership development, supplier
diversity in 2021 -2022.
Attendees in 175 trainings
With partners in New York for bystander intervention, self defense, and more.

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