NYC Anti-Hate Collaborative

TAAF’s NYC Anti-Hate Collaborative will drive resources to the broader AAPI ecosystem to combat Anti-Asian hate and create an empowered and safer community.

To address anti-Asian hate and violence in NYC, TAAF is building its first physical office to support the front line organizations tirelessly fighting for AAPI New Yorkers.

TAAF’s support will ensure that 90%+ of NYC’s AAPI population has a trusted organization to support them in the face of anti-AAPI incidents.

Through a network of 14 trusted local nonprofit partners, TAAF’s support will ensure that there is an organization to turn to in the face of anti-Asian incidents.

TAAF’s NYC Anti-Hate Collaborative will raise awareness and rally resources and support to those impacted by anti-Asian hate and violence including protective services, bystander training, and direct services to victims and survivors.

They will also track bias-related incident data to form a more accurate picture of the prevalence and severity of hate and violence that our community faces to help inform future action and policy efforts.

As part of the Anti-Hate National Network, the NYC Anti-Hate Collaborative is part of a larger community of national, regional, and local organizations that collaborates to leverage existing skills, expertise, and community connections to strengthen infrastructure and build a safer America with AAPIs.

The State of AAPIs in New York

18% of NYC’s population are AAPI
37.6% AAPI population growth
From 1,579,494 in 2010 to 2,173,719 in 2020
2,627 Anti-Asian bias incidents were reported from January 2020 to March 2022*
72% of AAPI women & seniors are afraid to leave home
48% of Asian New Yorkers & 72% of Senior Asian New Yorkers have limited English skills*

*Research courtesy of Asian American Federation (AAF)

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