National Network

The National Network is an assembly of organizations with diverse expertise that can support local organizations on the frontlines of AAPI hate.

Our community deserves more than thoughts and prayers. It’s time for all 23 million of us to be heard.

TAAF’s Anti-Hate National Network catapults our communities from a frame of responding to hate to a frame of creating belonging. The Network is a community of national, regional, and local organizations working together to leverage existing skills, expertise, and community connections, to strengthen infrastructure and build a safer America for AAPIs.

The solutions are already in our community. Let’s show the rest of the nation how to step up with us.

From legal services to mental health resources, their experiences are a shared resource to build resilient communities.

This is the first-of-its-kind multi-million dollar investment in our communities that will be both intersectional and intergenerational. TAAF is activating every aspect of the AAPI community: from addressing bullying in the K-12 school system to engaging interfaith leaders and journalists to protecting our elders. This type of coordinated effort has never been done before in our communities.

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