City Partners

City Partners are leading local organizations increasing safety and resilience for the AAPI community.

TAAF’s City Partners know how to support their communities best. These are individuals or groups of local organizations that find community-focused solutions to address anti-AAPI hate in their cities.

These hubs respond to incidents, provide services for impacted parties, and support community efforts to build a localized response network.

They rally resources, build relationships, and create a community safety net so if and when incidents happen, survivors know where to turn.

They also track incident data to form an accurate picture of the prevalence and severity of hate our communities face so we can truly root out hate.

Chinese American Service League

In Chicago, TAAF’s funding helped CASL build extensive infrastructure to support victims of hate crimes, including hiring an Anti-Hate Action Center Manager and a Community Engagement specialist to engage in a deep outreach campaign and raise awareness for the resources available. The team coordinates wrap-around services for the survivors. CASL also conducted trainings on hate crimes at schools and did door-to-door canvassing around public safety.

Asian Health Services

In Oakland, TAAF provided seed funding that unlocked even more resources to help AHS launch their Community Healing Unit (CHU). This program focuses on providing care for victims with services dedicated to making them whole again. For the many victims who don’t seek help because of a language barrier, AHS ensures care is accessible in multiple languages.

Asian American Federation

In New York City, TAAF took a different approach to this Action Center by providing a grant to support AAF’s Hope Against Hate Campaign, which offers upstander, de-escalation, and self-defense trainings; protective accompaniment through its Community Companion services; victim support services; and sharing of safety resources through safe zones, in partnership with community-based organizations across the city.

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"We're grateful that TAAF has empowered us to do more to connect our communities with critical safety resources."

Executive Director, Asian American Federation
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