The Asian American Education Project

Through TAAF and The Coulter Foundation's partnership, The Asian American Education Project is building on the success of the PBS Series Asian Americans by providing a K-12 curriculum for teachers, school districts, and educators with methods to teach AAPI history as a core part of American history.

Our History Matters

The Asian Americans Education Project (AAEdu) will engage teachers and students in a K-12 curriculum centered on AAPI history in the United States, while also advocating for inclusion and curricular standards at the state level nationwide.

AAPI History Is American History

The Asian Americans Education Project’s curriculum is designed to engage American students around the evolving identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by AAPI peoples.The curriculum helps teachers engage with students on the role of AAPIs in shaping American history. Leveraging its strong working relationship with local school districts and unions, The Asian Americans Education Project will engage in a nationwide campaign to promote and place an AAPI-focused K-12 Curriculum in school districts. AAEdu will train teachers on how to teach the AAPI experience, and work with educators to continuously improve this curriculum.

Sharing Our AAPI History

TAAF’s funding champions the inclusion of ethnic studies in every student's required curriculum. The Project will transform how teachers and students nationwide value and appreciate the ongoing contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to U.S. history and culture.