Give in May Pledge

Created in 2020 as a joint initiative of the Asian Pacific Fund and AAPI Data, the Give In May campaign raises awareness and funds underresourced AAPI organizations during National AAPI Heritage Month.

The Gap in Charitable Giving to AAPI-Serving Organizations

To date, AAPI communities receive less than 0.5% of charitable giving from philanthropies. The Give in May Campaign encourages new donors to participate in the campaign, and focus on supporting AAPI employee resource groups and professional associations especially affected by the pandemic.

Tauluma for Tongans

A Giving Campaign for AAPI Organizations In May

Give In May is an online campaign modeled after Giving Tuesday for the month of May. The Give In May Awards will serve as a valuable way for AAPI nonprofits to continue their fundraising push throughout this important month.

Southeast Asian Community Center

Supporting AAPI-Serving Organizations

In 202I, the Give in May campaign aims to surpass the record-setting amount they raised in the previous year, which saw $270,000 distributed to 92 participating nonprofits. In addition, the Give in May campaign anticipates a greater participation of AAPI nonprofits, especially AAPI employee resource groups and AAPI professional associations. As one of Give in May’s presenting partners, TAAF will continue to support awards to AAPI nonprofits who raise the most funds, and amplify the visibility of their campaign to help their orgs combat anti-AAPI hate, and close the AAPI economic and power gap across American society.

Friends of Children with Special Needs